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June 17, 2023  
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(all this gem energy in the air has me writing A LOT lately)

happy gemini new moon friends *。^‿^。*

I was born on a gemini new moon so this is always my favorite moon phase of the year.
For me this is when I personally acknowledge my birthday and really reflect on where I want to take myself in my next year of life.
New moons are a time for new beginnings and opening yourself up to the world. It’s a fresh start as the moon starts to grow from empty to full.
When the new moon is in your natal moon sign, I like to tell my friends to make a wish. Like your birthday wish except following the lunar cycles.
And I can’t speak on lunar cycles without speaking to menstruation.

The alignment of moon phases with the cycles of menstruation has always been so interesting to me.
There’s a sort of dance between the heavenly bodies and the rhythms of our human bodies.
For centuries, cultures around the world have also noted the correlation between these powerful forces, attributing profound symbolism and meaning to the cycles we experience.
And though most people who menstruate won’t always be in line with the new moon as their bleeding time, these ideas get passed down because the correlations still remain. Even if you are irregular, you can still track where you are in your cycle and maybe even figure out why your body is asking to be halted in certain stages.
I’ve noticed my period move in line to different moons over the course of different stages of my life, and I’ve been irregular and go back to being regular. Yet somehow, there’s still always a way to see how that’s translating into this earthly life. Whether it be stress, new environment, overwhelming emotions (and i got lots of those),  your body is already telling you what you’re feeling and what you need.
I’ve also seen this concept talked about with the idea of needing to “align yourself” to any one phase, but I don’t really think that’s a way I like to view this. Our bodies are already operating whether we want it to or not. Trying to control it won’t help you manifest your deepest desires or “step into your personal power,” if anything this is to understand it. Understand the body and what it’s trying to say to you.
The application of this is would be unique to each individual, it’s an acknowledgement that the moon ebbs and flows within you.

Most men’s hormonal cycles follows a 24 hour cycle in which they are able to wake up every day with high energy, and end their day with low energy to be able to sleep.
This cycle is in sync with the Sun, rising and falling every day.
With how most work schedules are set up, society forces us to operate on this energy. (it’s rly a man’s world out here)

In contrast, menstruators follow a 28-day cycle, in sync to the moon.
Even the etymology of the word menstruation relates to moon.
‘menstruation’ is derived from the Latin ‘menses’ meaning 'month', which comes from the ancient Greek mene — ‘moon' and these give us the English words month and moon; with the definition of the moon being a “heavenly body which revolves about the earth monthly.”
The moon travels through its various phases, transitioning from the dark New Moon to the luminous Full Moon and back again.
Each one of these phases carry it’s own energetic symbolism and reflects the menstrual rhythms experienced by people.

also reminder that you can apply these in your life either during your cycle or during the moon phase.
figure out what works for you and say ur affirmations! the words u speak have power !!
and to my friends that don’t bleed ! this is for you too, say your affirmations in sync with the moon phases.

New Moon: 

The New Moon phase correlates with the beginning of the menstrual cycle — the onset of bleeding.
Symbolically, it represents a time of rebirth, new beginnings, and the potential for growth.
We experience this fresh cycle of hormones to run throughout our bodies over the course of the next month.
There’s a sort of clarity that comes from this, the “oh I wasn’t mad, my period was just coming,” kind of feeling. We sit in the pain of releasing the old to make room for more.
I like to use this as a time to be kinder to myself and not expect anything at all. Since it’s my birth moon cycle, this is the count that another month of my life has passed so I allow myself to rest and appreciate every thing I have.
It’s a time in the cycle to really surrender, you can’t stop your body from bleeding anyway. Skip the work out, stay in bed all day, eat the foods you crave; the body is using all of it’s energy to clean you out, no need to push it to do things it doesn’t want to do.
Affirmation: I release the things that burden me and accept the new that’s still to come my way.

Waxing Moon:

During the Waxing Moon phase, the moon begins its transition from darkness to light, growing brighter each night.
This phase aligns with the follicular stage of the menstrual cycle.
This is when hormones really surge, promoting fertility and preparing the body for potential conception.
The Waxing Moon's energy signifies expansion, intention, and the blossoming of creative energy—mimicking the fertile possibilities within the reproductive system.
This is essentially ideation time. It’s time to plan before executing, strategizing what’s important over the course of the next month, a good time to set goals both short and long term.
Affirmation: I know what I want and how to attain it.

Full Moon:

When the moon shines in its full glory, it mirrors the peak of fertility—the ovulation phase.
The energy that the Full Moon radiates is a reflection of this culmination of the menstrual cycle.
When we ovulate, an egg is released for fertilization, which allows us to experience our energy being heightened and increased sensuality. Symbolically, this phase represents peak power, heightened intuition, and the potential for realization and manifestation.  
This is a time when I try to be stricter with myself. With a peak in the hormonal cycle, we have energy to get things done. Clean your spaces, put in work towards the goals that have been set, and use the energy of the Full Moon to support what you need done. Anything I’ve been procrastinating on I try to get done. (and if I don’t get it done it’s waiting until i’m ovulating again. time isn’t real anyway!)
Also, scream at the full moon. Our emotions flux with our hormones, and truth is we aren’t always happy and ready to get things done. The full moon can take the screams, the howls, the heightened senses that our body is making us feel, she feels that with us. So yell those inner fires to her.
Affirmation: My energy is potent and resourceful.

Waning Moon:

Then the moon begins its gradual descent into darkness during the Waning Moon phase.
This reflects the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, a time when the body prepares for the release of the uterine lining if fertilization did not occur. This is when the lining thickens, our hormones are at the lowest for the full cycle, and this is when the moods will start swinging. (if u get like that, bc I know I do lol)
The body starts to take it’s energy back within itself, and preps for the darkness that the New Moon brings.
This phase offers us an opportunity for introspection. It’s a time to slow down again.
What do you really need? Is there something holding you back?
And sometimes all we need is a bucket of ice cream and cry over a k-drama kind of night, but remember to give yourself that.
The Waning Moon's energy encourages a time of inner reflection, emotional renewal, and self-care.
Just as the moon surrenders to darkness before its rebirth, we honor the need for introspection, nurturing ourselves for the cycle ahead.
Affirmation: My energy belongs to me, I do what I want with it.

When we can acknowledge the rhythm of the celestial bodies, we gain a deeper appreciation for the cycles within and around us. By recognizing the symbolism between the moon's phases and the stages of menstruation, we open these portals for personal growth and self-reflection. 

and may we continue to explore the celestial connections that tie us to the universe.
until next post :-)

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