Major Arcana — 22 cards that follow the evolution and journey of self. 

0. the fool
I. the magician
II. the high priestess
woman sitting,
veiled eyes — the ability to see without seeing. pomegranates on dress — symbol of abundance + fertility. pillars to represent law and liberty. moon sigils on neck — trusting intuition to create thought. upside down cross on dress, turning around the way we view organized religion: scroll in arm — respecting the passed down word.
III. the empress

IV. the emperor
V. the heirophant
an embracement of culture, tradition. following the ways that have already been put in place for us.
hand pointing 2 fingers up, 2 fingers down — as above, so below.
keys of wisdom and knowledge at the feet (grounded) pillars of law and liberty. triple crown and triple cross — biblical references
VI. the lovers
VII. the chariot

VIII. justice
IX. the hermit
X. wheel of fortune
XI. strength
XII. the hanged man
XIII. death
every time I am unwound, the fabric of my being is resewn. death and rebirth of self, three heads to signify past, present, and future self all as one being. three heads also signifying “death comes in 3’s”. threads going down to show the deconstruction of self, arms/wings as the fully repurposed fabric to signify becoming whole again. 7 crown chakra, the opening of the mind to higher consciousness.
XIV. temperance
time is not real. woman wrapped all around by the waters of time. having patience, everything is happening at once already. going steady. the peaceful flow we can achieve when we embrace moderation and self evolution. what’s yours is, and already has been.
XV. the devil
an expression of vanity. the devil indulging in addiction. holding a mirror, mirror has an eye to signify that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. sitting on her demons, thinks she’s in control but doesn’t realize she’s chained up with them.
XVI. the tower
dna strand/double helix : beam of light running through the center. destroying the illusion of a linear timeline. the struggles that lead to ascension, we feel we’re falling but the tower remains, it continues to move in the spiral upward. a momentum we can’t control, but maybe one that we choose. we are but moths to a flame. how do you feel about the electricity of change? rocks slowly become steps, people go from crawling to taking first steps. the path gets confusing, are you moving up? looping around? going back down?
XVII. the star
switched out the pouring of water waves to electromagnetic waves. a take on the way technology brings us together. the humanitarian of the zodiac: taking a knee, a humbling. only the belly button defined, it’s the way we come into the world. the waves coming out of the foot to the ground plane (aquarius rules the ankles). there’s waves leaving the star, person keeping an open mind—the waves unwind into spirals. spiraling, the way we take in the energy around us. energy waves leaving the person signifying the way we give ourselves back out out to the collective.
XVIII. the moon
XIX. the sun
XX. judgement
sitting before mirrors, not every reflection of self is pretty. eyes hiding in the clouds to signify judgement can only come from self and the above. angel in the mirror to show angels leading and protecting, one in front and behind at the same time.
XXI. the world


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