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June 06, 2023  
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(me starting this during my solar and mercurial return, wow)

hello and welcome to my first blog post :-)

I was always someone who knew my sun sign. I remember first ever looking up my birth chart in the 4th grade and knowing only my big 3 and thinking that’s all there was to it. There was even a point in time where I was anti-astrology so it’s funny to me that I’m here now doing this blog. Life works in mysterious ways.
I started fully diving into astrology in 2018. One of the ways I taught myself was tracking the sun signs throughout the year and finding the correlations to how I was physically experiencing the changing of the seasons. 

There are 12 zodiac signs that can be broken down into 4 elements: fire, earth, air, water.
With these elements manifesting themselves through the 3 modalities: cardinal, fixed, mutable.
It’s important to note that we have all of these energies working in us, but depending on an individual’s chart, they can have a dominance of any one element or modality.

Each season is opened up to us with cardinal energy.
Aries (fire) begins the spring,
Cancer (water) begins summer,
Libra (air) begins autumn,
Capricorn (earth) begins winter.

Cardinal energy is our starters, the initiators, those with heavy cardinal energy tend to naturally find themselves in positions of leadership. They introduce us to the newness of each season and all of the bounties that come along with it.
When unevolved, these signs can fixate on control and the need for micromanaging. They can find themselves in fated positions throughout life and can be easily driven by fear.
Working at the highest good, they are creators of their own kind. They are always thinking of new ways to do old things and have a clear vision. Something important for Cardinals is to make sure they have the right team by their side to help them follow through. This team isn’t always just friends or community, it’s picking the right people with the right skills, as a good leader does.
I’ve also noticed that the Cardinals are deadly charming, especially when in a placement such as the rising sign.

Each season is held by fixed energy.
Taurus (earth) holds spring,
Leo (fire) holds summer,
Scorpio (water) holds autumn,
Aquarius (air) holds winter.

Fixed energy is what pushes through, these signs are persistent, consistent, and know what they want. They tend to be focused on their destiny and finding security, and are driven by the pleasures in life.
Fixed signs take place in the middle of the season. They show us how to make the most of the season’s time and remind us of the hard work we have to put in to be able to keep growing.
When unevolved, these signs can fall into the trap of only focusing on their own personal pleasure, overindulgence, and lose sight of how their actions effect the people around them.
At the highest good, they have a great loyalty for the people they love and work off empathy. Having a sense of community is really important to the fixed signs. They will truly do anything for the people they love, and if you wrong them OR their people, they will get back in their own way. Or they’ll just sit back and let karma do the work for them.

Each season ends with mutable energy.
Gemini (air) ends spring,
Virgo (earth) ends summer,
Sagittarius (fire) ends autumn,
Pisces (water) ends winter.

Mutable energy is our transformers, these are the signs that are continually processing information and forming new opinions. They thrive off change, chaos, and always know how to adapt to situations. These signs remind us that things don’t always last and that maybe they’re not supposed to.
Mutable energy takes place when we start to feel the weather shift between seasons, this change is inevitable and essential for our personal evolution.
A common misconception of the mutables is that they can be unreliable/flaky, but really it’s that they leave themselves open to change their mind. And when presented with new information, they’ll do exactly that.
Unevolved, these signs can lack focus and are just floating through life. They have a tendency to multi-task and over promise to people out of fear of creating disappointment. In regards to processing information, an unevolved Mutable can also be the one to withhold information to have some kind of “upper-hand” in their book.
(i’m a gemini stellium aka guilty of all of this)
At their highest good, Mutables are guided by their own inner light and are driven by curiosity. This curiosity allows them to expand themselves over multiple ventures in a way that is of their own.
Mutable heavy people also need to always remember, curiosity killed the cat. Not all information is good information. Sometimes we find ourselves seeking explanations to the questions we don’t want answers to.

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