Transits: Mars in Virgo + Venus retrograde in Leo

July 14, 2023  
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One of the main things I wanted with starting some sort of blog was really just to have an outlet for my astrological thoughts.  
While I want whatever I post here to be both educational and digestable, astrology is sooo complex and if I spent most of the intro posts only talking about basic astrology ....i’ll get bored and probably stop all together lol. that being said, i’m going to add in more of these astrology expectations/observations + how i personally feel affected.
oki thx for being here xoxo

Whenever we think about horoscopes, most people read into their sun sign. Sometimes it resonates, sometimes it doesn’t. But what horoscopes are really trying to achieve are tracking transits. 
Transits in astrology refer to the current movements of the planets as they make their way through the zodiac, allowing us to observe how these movements form alignments with the natal positions of planets in an individual's birth chart. Probably more to say on this but.... I’ll put that in my pocket for later!

Mars moved into Virgo this week, Mars is the planet of our motivation, passions, drives, obligations even. Mars will be in Virgo until August 27. The last time Mars stationed longer than just a few weeks in one sign was when it was in Gemini from Aug2022-March2023.
So this new shift is still under a mercurial, mutable influence. Think about what you were doing in that time period, what plans and projects were you working on? 
In the sign of Virgo, it will be squaring Saturn, which moved into Pisces in March of 2023. Squares are a harder aspect, they bring a bit more conflicts, tensions, and will always happen in signs of the same modality. This is a very focused time for my mutable friends.
Mutable dominant people might be feeling like the work they have been putting in is going nowhere. (I know I feel it)
You might feel as if these things are falling through the cracks, or that there’s so much more to be done and that you can’t possibly do it all.
Virgo energy tends to create a lot of hyperfixation on these tiny things that we are trying to clean up, and Mars likes to rush things to move on to the next. We want to wrap up what we’re doing and be able to move forward, but the square to Saturn in Pisces reminds us that we are putting in work to things that take tiiiiimeeeee.
All the mutable energy is asking us to take a second and adapt to the new.
Saturn will be in Pisces until May 2025, so it’s only the beginning of Saturn’s transit through this sign. When Saturn leaves a sign, it will always leave you with some sort of gift. Right now is the time to sow the seeds for whatever you want that gift to be.
Ex: When Saturn left Aquarius it was in my 5H, house of creativity. I was gifted with the birth of my tarot deck and the rebirth of my art.
When Saturn left Capricorn it was in my 4H, house of home. At that time I finally left my unstable housing situations. 

Venus Rx in Leo - July 22. 
Venus is the planet of beauty, love, artistry, as well as financial and material possessions.
Venus goes retrograde every 18 months, BUT only retrogrades in the same sign, every 8 years. 
So the last time Venus retrograded in Leo was in 2015, meaning we can think back on the themes that were going on in our life at that point in time and see this upcoming transit as almost a continuation of that part of our personal stories.  2015 was a fun time for me, I remember always being out and having fun with people I loved, so fast forward to where I am in life now, I know I can expect my current friendships to continue to blossom. Retrogrades also bring in more introspection, so it’s a time where we are able to consciously make decisions that truly benefit the self.
This is all dependent on where you have Leo in your birth chart to know where this energy will live.

Read for your rising sign and sun sign on how you can expect this transit to fulfill you.

Leo: my Leo rising babies this will be in your 1H, house of self. The 1st house is also how people perceive us, so you might feel like you’re not fulfilling the expectations others have set forth for you. But, that’s ok, you’re not here to do that! Use this retrograde to really release yourself from those expectations. Leo placements are already naturally good at this anyway, literally no one can tell y’all what to do. Even retrograde, Venus is an attractor. Be wary of the people you’re attracting right now, make sure the way they are coming to you is with love and not selfishness. Also, try to withhold from changing your appearance too much, Venus retrogrades are not the kindest time for this.

Cancer: Venus will be transiting your 2H, house of value + possessions. Be wary of your coin!! You’ll be inclined to overspend — resist! Instead, reevaluate how your material possessions add value to your life. Do these things add beauty? Ease? Or is it merely a distraction and adds unneccessary clutter? It’s time to Marie Kondo your life. What are the true assets you possess in this life? When you can answer this for yourself, you’ll naturally attract the materials to support it.

Gemini: Venus will be transiting through your 3H, house of communication. You might have trouble with finding yourself misinterpreted by others/others misinterpreting you. Might bring on more conflicts with siblings or with close friends that are like siblings. Conflict in communication is also sooo painful for Gemini placements, you want to say what you need to say and go. But take a few moments of pause before taking action and choose your words wisely. This can also express itself as your mind being in a bit of dream land, remember to stay in tune to what keeps you in reality.

Taurus: Taurus risings! Venus is your chart ruler so this is especially emphasized here. This Venus Rx will be in your 4H, house of home. This will also be squaring your rising sign, so it’s a time to decide what you want to hold on to and let go of. The house of home is more than the physical environment, but also the roots that connect us to this world. How is the foundation of the home you’re building on looking like right now? Is it stable enough to keep building on? Does it have some cracks that will give out over time?

Aries: Venus will be transiting through your 5H, house of creative expression. This is a time to really practice some self loveeee! You might feel like you don’t want to make any commitments in this retrograde, so remember that the only true commitment you need to make is to yourself. Since this house puts an emphasis on your creative expression, it’s a good time to nuture any hobbies. Or start a new one if you don’t have any. Reflect on your relationship with your inner child. What does that young you need? What have you always wanted for yourself? 

Pisces: Venus in the 6H will ask you to put in workkkk. Put your energy into building healthy routines in your work and in your sacred spaces. It’s a time to reevaluate any bad habits and begin to replace them with healthy ones. Venus exalts in the sign of Pisces, so being a Pisces rising you are effected by Venus’ influence just as much as Tauruses and Libras. In that sense, Venus will also ask you to evalute your self worth, what things are really worthy of your energy right now? Especially in relation to home and work. The 6th house is also known for service. How are you servicing yourself? Think about the maintainence that your body + soul really need, are you giving that to yourself? It’s a time to value your own sense of self over others.

Aquarius: Venus will be in your 7H, house of relationships and will be in opposition to your ascendant. Oppositions means how it sounds, the opposite. So this means this energy will be at an odds. This gives an opportunity for compromise and finding balance in your relationships. This has to do with both personal and business relationships, is there anything that can be worked on? Things you’ve been avoiding? If you continue to avoid, these problems will find you before you find them.

Capricorn: Venus will be transiting your 8th house, house of transformations, intimacy, taboo, and resources — especially the resources that come from others. It’s a time to reevaluate the resources you’re sharing, whether that be financially, physically, psychologically, or emotionally. Are there any situations in your life where you feel you’re oversharing? Undersharing? If you have any debts to others those might be catching up to you, so be mindful and prepared. The 8th house is also good for exploring your own inner magic and mysticism. What resources do you already have within you that you have yet to tap in to? The answers to these questions are the catalyst for your personal transformation and growth.

Sagittarius: Venus will be transiting your 9th house, house of ideologies. It’s a time to look at how you’re spreading yourself out through all your interests. Are you spreading yourself too thin? Not enough in the right places? Focus on the things that better expand your mind and soul. This is also a house that allows for spiritual growth, it’s a good time to get in touch with that part of yourself. What are you accepting as truth? Do those ideas need to be challenged?

Scorpio: Venus will be transiting your 10H and will be squaring your ascendant. You might find a change of pace in your career and your place in the world. The 10th house is also the reputation that you leave in this world. With Venus retrograding here, you’ll want to devote yourself to the work that you want to be remembered by. With this being the highest point in the birth chart and the square to the ascendant, the universe is testing your patience. Do you actually enjoy what you do? Where can you grow in your career? Or express your creativity better? Begin to carve your path ahead, it’s now a time to put your focus on the bigger aspirations you have and bring them to fruition when the retrograde ends. There might be blockages in this path, especially relating to your love interests. (this is bc venus rules love/is the opposite of scorpio’s ruler: mars) Working through these blockages now creates a clear pathway to your success in love and career.

Libra: my Libra rising bestiiiiesss! (sry i’m a Libra rising so i just love y’all differently lol)  Like Taurus risings, Libra risings are ruled by Venus, so this is an especially important time. This retrograde will be transiting through the 11H, the house of friendships + connections. It’s a time to reevaluate your friendships, figure out what’s meaningful about them, and spend time with those who are worthy of that from you. It might be a time to cut ties in relationships that are no longer benefitting you. Create healthy social circles and make sure the efforts you’re putting towards the people in your life are reciprocated back. Try to resist falling into the trap of the social networks. With all the changes in social media lately, this might be a time to step away for a bit and focus on the connections that you’re making in the real world. Most people are reflections of their 5 closest friendships, make sure those people are reflecting the parts of you that you actually like about yourself.

Virgo: Venus will transit through the 12H for you, and mars moving into your first house. I won’t lie, you’ll be feeling a lil rough. the 12H represents what’s hidden from us, our subconscious desires, our dreams, intuition. Especially with mars in your first right now, it’s a time to evaluate where you might be self sabotaging. Make your alone time meaningful for you. Reevaluate your psyche, find the beauty of loss and in endings, spend some time practicing spirtuality, whatever that may mean for you. Nuture that subconscious and those deeply embedded desires you might have. Chances are you’re capable of moving those things into your conscious life and revamp your world to be more meaningful.

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